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Monoprint and Mixed Media

Monoprints are a unique form of printmaking where a single impression is created from an inked or painted surface. This technique has been described as a cross between painting and printmaking. Each print is one-of-a-kind, unless you pull a second, paler “ghost”. My experimental approach led me to remoisten the painted plate, with a spritzing method, which causes all kinds of blotchy bleeding effects. Precision is sacrificed to the greater power of process.

Mixed Media work in this category refer to pieces which began with a monoprint and then were further enlivened and defined using watercolor, deliberate acrylic paint strokes, and sometimes pastel. These are very intuitive finished works; each piece told me the way and I listened.

"Tropical Clearing", Monoprint, Acrylic, Pastel , 9 x 12, 2021

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